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Effective Leadership:

Employee Empowerment


Leading Others to Lead Themselves

by Vadim Kotelnikov & Ten3 East-West

"To be effective, a leader must successfully influence the way people influence themselves"  - Charles S. Mans & Henry P. Sims, Jr.

Key Benefits of Super-Leadership

  • high team performance and flexibility

  • high follower development and self-confidence

  • high team creativity and innovation

  • high long-term performance

  • high ability of the team to work independently in absence of leader

Why Super-Leadership?

Super-leadership is a new form of leadership for the era of knowledge-based enterprises distinguished by flat organizational structures and employee empowerment. A super-leader is one who leads others to lead themselves through designing and implementing the system that allows and teaches employees to be self-leaders.

"The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers" (Ralph Nader)

Empowered Self-Leadership

The best organizations have a theory and practice of leadership that subscribes to and promotes the concept that leadership exists at all levels within the organization. "Everyone provides leadership for those responsibilities that have been assigned to them. For the the highest performing organizations, even the lowest-ranked staff within an organization must assume leadership and attention to detail for their responsibilities in a manner similar to the most senior and powerful2".

With super-leadership, followers are treated - and become - self-leaders.


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